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Grow your business with the next-generation operating system for modern service businesses.

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Scale Your Service Business with AI

Experience unparalleled efficiency and growth with Gravis's comprehensive software platform.

Build Your AI Workforce

Grow your business without increasing headcount by building an AI workforce that automates tasks and operates 24/7.

Made for Service Operations

Empower your service operations with AI-driven generation and automation, saving time and reducing manual effort.

Your Business Co-Pilot

Receive continuous AI-driven recommendations to constantly enhance service operations and optimize resources.

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360° Business Intelligence

Access and query your business data effortlessly, gaining real-time insights and leveraging predictive analytics for informed decision-making.

Build Your
AI Workforce

Scale your operations without expanding your team. Recruit AI agents to complete tasks on autopilot. Grow your business, not your headcount.

Automated Task Management Assign and track tasks with AI precision.
24/7 Availability Your AI employee works around the clock, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
Scalable Workforce Easily add more AI agents as your business grows.
Customizable Roles Define specific roles and responsibilities for each AI agent.
Seamless Integration AI agents work alongside your human team, enhancing overall efficiency.
Performance Insights Monitor and optimize AI agent performance with detailed analytics.

Automate work with agents

Designed specifically for professional service businesses, our platform is built to meet your unique needs.

Supercharge agents with AI tools

Experience seamless integration and interconnectivity across your platforms.

Your Business

Your virtual assistant providing AI-driven recommendations to optimize service operations, streamline workflows, and enhance decision-making.

Operational Guidance Continuously receive AI-powered recommendations to streamline processes and boost efficiency.
Resource Management Optimize the utilization of your business resources with AI insights, ensuring maximum productivity.
Customer Insights Gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences, allowing for better service delivery.
Employee Performance Enhance employee productivity with AI-driven performance analysis and recommendations.
Financial Advice Manage your finances with AI-generated tips, helping you increase profitability and control costs.
Strategic Planning Use AI insights to craft and execute effective business strategies, staying ahead of the competition.

Power Generative AI
with Your Data

Experience the power of comprehensive data analysis at your fingertips, transforming raw information into actionable insights with ease.

AI-Generated Strategy Develop effective business strategies with AI that understands your unique needs and goals.
Automated Documentation Effortlessly create contracts, business documents, and more, reducing manual workload and errors.
Customizable Templates Utilize AI-driven templates tailored to your industry, ensuring professional and consistent documentation.
Intelligent Recommendations Receive smart suggestions to enhance document quality and relevance.
Seamless Editing Make real-time edits with AI assistance, improving efficiency and accuracy.
Efficiency Boost Significantly cut down on time and resources spent on documentation, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Simple Setup. Highly Configurable

Enjoy a simple setup process that is highly configurable to fit your needs.

Integrated & Interconnected

Experience seamless integration and interconnectivity across your platforms.